About Us

The Brand

Urbanloft was founded in 2002 with idea that Good Design can be presented in an inspired, knowledgeable and friendly manner under one roof. Our focus and passion has always been to showcase beautifully crafted and enduring furniture, lighting and household accessories. From humble beginnings fueled primarily on inspiration, urbanloft has evolved to become a trusted authority in the modern home, hospitality, office, public spaces furnishing industry. We are honored to have been trusted, supplied and installed many of the most high-end residential, office, and hotel buildings.

We like to think urbanloft as the place for the savvy design enthusiast, bringing the rare and unusual design icons directly to your front door. Our manifesto is really quite simple: to share the joys of Good Design while providing value and excellence in service to our patrons. Whether you simply enjoy browsing the product pages to see what’s new, or dive directly in to plan your next purchase, we hope to foster a fun and enriching environment where people can delight in Good Design on their own terms.

The Story

Urbanloft began with an idea: to present Good Design in an inspiring, knowledgeable, and friendly way, all under one roof. Over time, and with hard work, Urbanloft has become a go-to source for modern home, hotel, office, and public space furnishings.

We want to share our journey to becoming a design authority and show how we’ve transformed our idea into a well-respected and trusted company. Our goal is simple: to spread the love of Good Design and make sure our customers are always happy with their experience.

At Urbanloft, we’re on a mission to bring our customers the best in design and customer service. We aim to create a fun, inspiring, and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone who visits us online or in person. We’re constantly on the hunt for unique and beautiful designs to add to our collection, and we’re passionate about sharing the joy of Good Design with our customers.

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